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The modern movement forward in Omega-3

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This advanced and radically efficient technology can ignite growth in your business by:

  • Delivering on what matters most to retain consumers and attract new ones
  • Providing greater versatility to innovate and to fill your pipeline with health-focused, consumer-relevant solutions with differentiated nutritional benefits
  • Creating supply chain security and profitability so you can reinvest

DSM's 3C Technology makes high Omega-3 concentrates accessible and relevant to all


From sea to shelf-on time, in full, every time, anywhere

Consistent so that sustainability and sourcing flexibility are maintained through a robust supply chain that is less dependent on raw materials with specific EPA and DHA profiles


Tailored EPA + DHA solutions for a wider range of needs

Customized to the precise EPA:DHA ratios required, allowing you to create highly targeted omega-3 products to target specific consumer claims


Some of the most potent, ultra-pure Omega-3 products available without a prescription

Concentrated to up to 85% omega-3s, for much smaller, easier to swallow capsules that allow consumers to receive the targeted health benefit in a single daily dose

3C technology efficiency reduces your costs of production and finished goods, making high-concentrate solutions more affordable for consumers

The Modern Movement Forward in Omega-3

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